3 Steps to Hosting Your First Fine Art Showing in a Gallery


As a fine art photographer, you may be looking for a way to have your artwork featured at places like Christensen Fine Art. One of the most popular and well-established methods is to have your work hosted in a gallery. Unfortunately, you can't simply phone the gallery and book a time and date. There are some other steps you need to take to make sure your first fine art showing of your photography goes off well. Here are a few of the steps that you should consider.

Having a Future Goal

Art Business suggests that one of the first steps you should take is having some goals in mind before you speak to the gallery. You may have beautiful photography and a portfolio that shows off what others would consider to be fine art photography. That may not be enough if you can't prove the gallery that you have some sort of game plan that will make their efforts to host you beneficial to them in the future. Tell them where you plan to go in a few years or what your next few projects will be. Have some sort of theme in mind they can work with. This will allow them to see the potential in future showings and what you can bring to their gallery.

Multiple Viewing Options

You may be inclined to go the traditional route and use a traditional printed portfolio of your work when you speak to the gallery. This may not be the best option. Instead consider having multiple viewing options like a memory stick with your work, as suggested by About Home. You can also have a traditional portfolio, website, social media, and a memory stick to give a wide range of options and viewing choices. Try to make sure that each option has different themes or viewings of your work so they aren't looking at the same thing over and over.

Understand the Gallery Business

If you are planning on using the gallery as a one time showing option, then you should consider looking elsewhere for your showing. The reason is because a gallery tends to work with an artist through an ongoing relationship and not a one night endeavour. Make sure before you approach the gallery that you understand how the gallery system works, how they may specifically work, and be able to offer this knowledge during the consultation and appointment. This will help you move forward to a date and time instead of moving forward to another gallery option or showing option.

These are just three steps to hosting your first photography fine art showing at a gallery. If you believe you are ready to move forward, consider having your portfolio and images critiqued by a peer or a mentor in the industry and make changes based on their viewpoints. Create a professional appearance of your work and then contact the gallery.


30 July 2015

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